The Dahle 30114 Review: A Personal-Sized Paper Shredder July 14, 2017

The Dahle 30114 is a small paper shredder that is meant for people who have documents they occasionally need to shred throughout their day. The Dahle 30114 is small enough to sit next to the desk which means no annoying trips to the “big shredder” and interrupting the workday. The Dahle 30114 costs about $500, which can be a lot for anyone’s budget. Here are some of the features to help you determine whether it’s worth it to buy the Dahle 30114 desk paper shredder.


The Dahle 30114 is marketed as a desk side paper shredder, so obviously size is an important factor. The feed opening is 8.75″ wide and the entire shredder has an 8 gallon capacity. For those who have infrequent documents to be shredded throughout the day, this size is perfect. It is small enough to sit unobtrusively by the desk but still has enough space so you won’t be constantly emptying the contents to the trash. The Dahle 30114 also has a cross cut mechanism to help reduce volume and the amount of time you’ll have to empty the shredder, this is a great feature and papershredder101 highly recommends it.


This is your whole reason for buying a paper shredder so this feature alone can determine whether the Dahle 30114 is a good option for you. Paper shredders come with a level of security rating. If you are serious about identity theft and other such crimes (as you should be), then don’t buy a paper shredder with less than a level 3. The Dahle 30114 offers this protection, which is not something that many personal shredders offer. This means that you get a minimal-sized cut along with a cross cut feature that will destroy all your documents.


Here’s where things with the Dahle 30114 get complicated. Of course, no paper shredder can be perfect for everyone’s needs. First of all, the Dahle 30114 is only for up to 100 sheets in a work day. If you will be needing to shred more than this amount or shred a lot in one sitting, then you run the risk of the Dahle 30114 overheating. There is a thermal protection on the motor, but you will still have to wait until the shredder cools down. As far as the actually shredding functions go, the controls are all very straight forward. There is an auto on/off mode that means all you have to do is drop your papers into the shredder. It will start and stop on its own. The blade is also more durable because it is one single rod, rather than stacked blades. However, you will need to keep up on the maintenance of the Dahle 30114 because there’s no automatic oiling.

If you need a good desk side shredder, the Dahle 30114 is a pretty good choice for most personal needs. However, this can cost a pretty penny. Try looking on the net to buy rather than in retailers and you can usually find a good deal.

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