What Are High Security Paper Shredders and Who Needs Them? June 26, 2017

High security paper shredders use confetti cross cut technology to reduce confidential documents to small bits. These shredders are ideal for any office situation where maintaining confidentiality is a priority. Law offices and government agencies don’t second guess themselves, they use high security shredders to greatly reduce the risk of identity theft and the misuse of information. Offices or departments dealing with a high level of confidential or private documents are primary candidates for high security shredder use.

There are two levels of high security shredders available, level 5 and level 6. Each meet government security requirements, but differ in the number of confetti particles that are created from a shredded document. Level 5 shredders are capable of reducing a letter size piece of paper into 6,000 unidentifiable particles. Level 5 shredders are sufficient for law offices and hospitals or other businesses that must eliminate confidential documents. Level 6 shredders are capable of reducing a letter size piece of paper into more than 12,000 confetti particles. These shredders are designed to destroy highly confidential government and military documents. Whether you choose a level 5 or 6 shredder for destroying confidential documents, you can be confident the sensitive information you destroy will be safe from misuse.

The Intimus 602 High Speed shredder is the ultimate high security shredder with continuous paper shredding capabilities, a quiet motor, a large waste bin, and a high speed cutting mechanism. This shredder meets and exceeds the needs of most businesses.

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